Beans beans, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat the more you…

Tip: Instead of using canned beans that may cost more, contain less nutrients and added salts, try soaking dried beans. Soaking overnight may loosen the tough fibrous coating of the beans making them quicker… Continue reading

Tabouli Salad -on my mind & then in my stomach

Tabouli Salad Ingredients: Parsley, tomatoes, green onions, bulgar wheat, black pepper, salt, lemon, olive oil and dried mint leaves.  Close-up before I devoured it 😀

I like my spinach ;)

Here is a GIGANORMOUS bag of baby spinach. And here is what I like to do with this GIGANORMOUS spinach bag: I like to make a spinach sandwich using feta cheese, tomatoes +… Continue reading

Not bad for $1

My brother sent me this photo with the caption, “Not bad for $1“ Touché my friend, touché 😉 Now, he’s a creative fella who can mix-n’match different food items and come up with… Continue reading

Corchorus olitorius. Say what? – Green leafy deliciously yummy plant.

Mloukieh: green, leafy, vegetable (which, growing up, I always thought was spinach) that has a chewy, rubbery, slimy texture when cooked, but taste amazingly delicious (with some lemon juice and a side of… Continue reading

Dietetic Intern, 1st-ever community patient interview! yikes 0_o

Sooo, I completed my first ever ‘interview’ of a patient yesterday and it went (in all honestly) not that great. You know you didn’t do great, when the dietitian has to step in… Continue reading

Dietetic Internship- my advice

Here are some personal pieces of advice relating to being a dietetic intern, I have to keep reminding myself of (constantly): It’s OK to ask questions (multiple times), it really is a good… Continue reading

Homemade Vegetable Soup- MMMMM

This always hits the spot on those cold autumn days (and hot summer days in fact)- I really could eat this anytime, regardless of the season! It’s that good I tell ya!

An Early Year’s Group-community intern’s experience :D

I love working with kids, especially the little ones;  attending an early years group session this past week only confirmed this. Their happiness is just so infectious! I’ve actually come to notice I… Continue reading

Top 5 Foods on a Budget-Video+ my quick notes

A really informative, practical and easy-to-follow video about Top 5 Foods on a Budget– (I really like dietitian Cassie and her nutrition-related/lifestyle messages!) My notes on the video: Avocado (healthy fat with lots… Continue reading